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The Ethiopian government arrested Dr. Berhanu Nega and six other leaders of the Ethiopian political opposition (CUD) after a protest over election irregularities on 1 November, 2005 in which 46 people were killed, and hundreds were wounded. Dr. Nega and his colleagues are being held on charges of treason, which is punishable by death under Ethiopian law. Amnesty International regards them as “Prisoners of conscience, arrested solely for the non-violent expression of their political beliefs.”

Dr. Nega received his Ph.D, from The New School for Social Research in 1991. He is a leading member of the CUD, Ethiopia’s main opposition party. He is Mayor of Addis Ababa, has served as president of the Ethiopian Economic Association, founded the Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute, and served as a consultant for the UN Economic Commission for Africa.

He is part of a group trying to bring democracy to his country. We are trying to help him do just that by becoming free again.

The Growth Of Online Betting in South Africa

Flag of South Africa

Flag of South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In South Africa, online sports betting is legal, alive and well. In fact the industry continues to flourish in the country and is attracting new investment from domestic and foreign betting companies.

And they are soon to make online casino gaming legal as well, with the National Gambling Board stating that this “would be a licensed activity by as early as November of this year.”

At the same time, software companies are taking more of an interest in the South African market as they look to provide online and mobile gaming platforms for the bookmakers.

Emerging Market

According to this ITWeb article, South Africa is the place to be for online betting companies over the next few years.

PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that South Africans will spend an estimated R24.2 billion in the sports betting industry by 2016.

Online betting companies see regions like South Africa and Asia as emerging markets, and are understandably keen to establish a presence, brand name and player base in these areas before their competitors.

Here Come The Betting Websites

That means that we can expect the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred and Betfair to focus more on these geo regions within the next 6-12 months. And with this increased emphasis will come increased interest from would be players in these regions. That means established and popular online betting offers sites such as and newer free bet sites like can expect an increase in their South African traffic and customer base over the next few years.

And The Rest Of Africa May Follow Suit

Although it’s too early to speculate, it stands to reason that other African countries may follow suit if the industry succeeds in South Africa. The benefits to the economy are obvious, as many European countries can testify.

Indeed, we’re already seeing developments from online sports betting in Liberia.

So where will the industry look to next? Watch this space!

Inside An African Sports Betting Shop

When you think of sports betting you don’t often think of Africa, however bookmakers exist across the developing world and as you can see from this video, they are extremely popular. Obviously not all the population can afford to bet money on sports but for those who can the opportunities are available.

Essential Facts About Sports and Exercise Safety

Most people have experienced at least some pain or injuries while or after doing exercise or playing a sport. An injury can be anything from a muscle pull to something that can be deadly or even fatal. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to safety precautions until they’ve actually been injured. Every sport or activity has its own safety precautions, and you should become familiar with these. No matter what the activity is, however, there are two parts to the equation. First of all, we have to consider what can be done prior to starting the exercise or sport. The next area of concern has to do with the actual sport or method of exercise itself. Below are some key points to remember that can improve sports and exercise safety for everyone.

Having a great smile is a goal that many people have. To protect your pearly whites, and mouth guard comes in handy especially if physical contact is part of your regular exercise regimen. If you play hockey on a regular basis, this could be a ticket to a toothless grin. In such a situation, being safe requires very little thinking at all. If you play sports, your coach will know which mouth guard would best suit your needs.

But basically you want to get one in which you simply warm it up with hot water so it can be formed. Avoid making it too hot because you do not want to burn the inside of your mouth. The best way to make sure it fits properly to bite slowly, allowing it to mold around your teeth for proper protection.

Anyone who plays a seasonal sport knows what it feels like to start playing again after a long layoff. This is time when you are least in shape, and you know the pain getting back into shape. The best way to avoid this scenario is to make sure you work out consistently all year long. It’s normal to have a higher level of conditioning while you’re playing your sport, but if you can at least stay in decent shape throughout the year, you’ll get off to a better start. It will take some self discipline to maintain your workouts, but you’ll be glad you did at the start of the season. This is definitely a safety measure as well as one that will make you play better, as when you’re in shape, injuries are far less likely.

Learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, especially when you are doing physical exercise routines or sports. Your nerves will give your brain feedback you need to listen to in regard to how your body feels and what it can take.

Those that develop this skill do so by becoming conscious of the needs of the body system. People need to become aware of the demands of their bodies. Once you understand how to listen, you need to do what you’re being told to effect a change. By not doing too much, you can spare yourself physical and mental agony by not going too far. Sports and exercise safety is serious business for anyone who exercises, and it does not matter if you are a weekend exerciser, either. No matter what activity you’re participating in, warming up first and cooling down after is always a good policy.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Sports Watch

In order to find the perfect sports watch for yourself, you need to figure out what you need from it. The field of sports watches is wide and varied, there are thousands of different watch models and brands. There are some watches that can be purchased for $20 and others that can cost thousands of dollars. Usually sports watches are going to fall someplace between those two extremes but the thing that matters is that you keep your budget in mind.

If you’re buying a sports watch as a gift for someone, or even if you want one for yourself, you might be interested in some of the specialty and novelty sports watches now being made. Perhaps you can find a sports watch endorsed by an athlete that is well known. When an athlete endorses a watch, it actually makes it more valuable in the eyes of the person that you are giving the watch to. Oftentimes, there will be specific sporting events that are commemorated by specialty watches. Since there are so many possible reasons for creating a watch today, you can probably find any theme that you are searching for.

Sports watches can be really useful–it doesn’t matter if you are jogging, walking or running. At the most basic level, just about any sports watch will tell you how much distance you’ve covered.

Nike+ GPS App, powered by MotionX, running on ...

Nike+ GPS App, powered by MotionX, running on iPhone 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An advanced watch can also help you track your heart rate and that helps you keep proper track of how your heart rate is rising while you work out. If you are in the market for a good runner’s watch, you should check out the Nike+SportWatch GPS. In addition to measuring speed and distance, the watch’s GPS can also help you map out some routes. It is also good at keeping track of how many calories your body burns. This is a sports watch that will also store data from runs you’ve already taken so that you can keep track of your progress. You can also use the Nike+ SportWatch to help you remember when it is time to go for your next scheduled run.

Price and quality certainly come to mind when looking at the variety of sports watches today. Many sports that we play require a professional quality watch to record our progress during the events. A lot of people get sports watches because they like the way they look, not so much the features that they offer. Casual sports watches are often purchased, even if people are on a tight budget of some sort. Sports watches are priced accordingly. So if you get a cheaper one, it will not have the same level of durability as a sports watch that is on the higher-end. High-quality watches today are really not too pricey; in fact, they are more affordable than you would expect. Believe it or not, you can get a feature-rich durable sports watch for a reasonable amount of money. Before choosing a sports watch for yourself or as a gift for someone, first consider what it will be used for. Is this a fashion statement you’re making, or are you getting it for someone who participates in sports? The price of the watch, in the end, comes down to why you need it, and the features on the watch itself. Now that you know what to look for any sports watch, you can go out and get one quickly and easily.

Safe Practices Strategies New Drivers Need To Know About

It’s a key achievement in your life when you pass your driving test and it can be exciting to know that you can legally drive a car on the road. Nearly all new drivers are usually young and lack an understanding of the possible dangers of being inexperienced. If you are a new comer to driving, you may not think so much of safety as you would the thrill of being in your own car. Even though it is perfectly natural to believe this way, you need to comply with some safety guidelines so that you will not do harm to others or to yourself.

The first issue is to decide what type of car you want to drive. Even though this is probably based on the amount of money you have for the vehicle, you also want to be sure that the car is safe and reliable. If you undertake your investigation, you should be able to strike a balance between finding a model that you are happy to drive as well as it being suited to your level of experience. In the event you take an automobile for a test drive give some thought to how comfortable it is for you to drive and if it feels easy to handle, especially when going round tight bends or braking.

Once you first start driving, you will encounter conditions that you never experienced before while driving. The first time you travel in a major storm can be very frightening but sometimes that is the only way you can learn. Whenever conditions are undesirable, you want to slow down and turn on your headlights so that others can see you. Additionally it is best if you have your car checked on a regular basis particularly your brakes and tires. If you are driving in an area you haven’t ever been before, be sure to take your time and be cautious of your surroundings.

It is possible to cultivate bad habits when you first begin to drive and some of these include driving too fast, being too close to the vehicle in front and lack of awareness of blind spots as far as your car mirrors are concerned. It is also dangerous if you try to show off to your friends when you are driving. Avoid the use of your mobile phone to call up or text someone when you are driving on the road especially on the freeway or in busy traffic. If you don’t do any of these kinds of things, then you will minimize your chances of having an accident.

If you happen to develop good habits as a new driver and follow the rules of the road, you can have a long life of fun driving.

Figure Out How To Spend Less By Lowering Car Expenses

Due to hard economic times, we have to be aware of what we are spending and we need to make certain sacrifices. It might be that certain types of spending can be reduced but of course there are essentials that will always need budgeting for. Many of us consider driving and owning a car as a required expense that is essential for our livelihood. Nevertheless, if you take some time to consider this more carefully you will be astonished at how much you can save and in this article we will look at what you can do to keep your driving expenses down.

The normal repair of your car will usually cost you money but it is necessary to keep you safe and can save you cash in the long run. When you do require service, ideally you should look around for the best deals. You can get this info by either browsing on the internet or simply getting in touch with the establishment of interest. You will find often special offers available especially as businesses are trying to compete in these difficult times. If your driving patterns involve just driving around town and your budget is limited, you could purchase a cheaper grade of tires. Although you ought not buy the lowest priced tire available, you could buy tires that matches your current driving habits while not breaking the bank.

How you drive may perhaps be costing you money and although modifying your driving habits can seem difficult it is worth it if you find you are spending less on gas and general car maintenance. As an example, for brief excursions, you may be better off walking instead of driving. In case you drive much more smoothly instead of rushing or gunning your car engine, you can save on fuel costs and you will not cause extreme wear and tear on your engine. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, they actually do add up to savings in the long term.

If you’re purchasing a car, you should do your homework on how economical different vehicles are and there are all sorts of comparisons you can look at. Locating a car that helps you to save on gas and has a good repair record should be an excellent car to get. Cars and trucks these days that have more options than before include hybrids and electric so you should be informed on what’s available. If you understand what the costs happen to be, then the better off you are at negotiating a good price. The more study you do on your costs, the more you will see some savings.

The expense of owning a car or truck is an essential expense for many of us but if you take the time to research your options, you could end up saving money.

An Array of Opportunities for Adventure Travel

While many types of travel have become run-of-the-mill, there’s always the option of choosing adventure travel. This can mean many different things, but it generally refers to a trip where you’re active and participating in things rather than just watching the world go by from a car or bus. Whether you like speed, water, snow or caves, you can find an adventure travel activity and destination that’s tailor made for you. To get your mind working on some of the possibilities, we’ll be describing some adventure travel options in this article.

One unique way to see a place is by floating over it in a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon can be great anywhere, but if you choose an especially impressive landscape or landmark it can be even more spectacular. Some areas are especially keen on hot air balloons, such as the Southwest, where you can find balloon festivals held annually. Costa Rica offers a great opportunity to see some distinctive jungles and animals from a hot air balloon. The timeless structures in Egypt, such as the pyramids, can also be seen from a hot air balloon! Whether you’re looking at a place you know well or seeing for the first time, a hot air balloon is a great way to see it. White water rafting is a riveting activity where you are faced against a rampant river. There are several different trips where you can have a pleasurable time and it is available in array of difficulty ranges. You can pick from places all over the globe, plus rafting trips can range in length from a half a day trip to a multi-day journey. If you haven’t really tried this sort of thing before or if you and your whole family are going, it’s smart to begin with just a half day adventure. Full day or multi day trips are for people with more experience. In addition, you need to contemplate about the rapid classes, which are rated on a scale from I to IV. Trips that are Class l or Class II are relatively easy, but Class III and above are quite challenging. In case you have considered it as a destination for awhile, the Grand Canyon National Park is a terrific place to go rafting.

If you have been mesmerized by thoughts of visiting the desert, you may consider a desert safari, where you ride on camels and sleep outside at night. Egypt and Morocco are some of the countries that offer these kinds of trips, plus you can have a chance at learning about the history of these places. Desert safaris of even 3-4 days can be difficult, especially since the weather can be so drastic, from incredible heat during the day to chilliness at night. There are many people who hike through the desert and find that it can be a quiet and mesmerizing occurrence.

The three types of adventure travel we’ve covered in this article are hardly your only options, as there are hundreds of other possibilities as well. It’s just a matter of deciding where you want to go and what you love to do. If you want your next trip to be stimulating and mind expanding, you should definitely see what adventure travel has to offer you.

Great Ideas to Enable a Splendid Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Deep sea fishing has drawn more interest now than at any time in the past. Some people, of course, have always fished to feed themselves, but now people from all walks of life have become captivated by the sport. Many people want to try catching their own huge catch, being motivated by popular shows, such as The Deadliest Catch. After you finish this article you will know more about deep sea fishing and its basic facts.

One of the biggest differences between deep sea fishing and other types of fishing is the type of boats that are used. If you’re lucky, maybe you live near where ocean waters come inland a little bit in which case you won’t need a big boat. Everything changes once you start venturing out onto the ocean, and of course you have to think about the weather.

You also must be prepared to do battle against large and powerful sea creatures at any time. The thing about deep sea fishing is you can learn from those who have experience, and that’s really a smart way to go.

The smartest thing you can do as a fisherman is to plan for this sport and every outing. You can find a ton of additional information about the safety and preparedness aspects of deep sea fishing.

Nothing beats having expert knowledge learned from others who have been on the sea for many years. There’s no faster way to get sunburned than to spend time on a ship without the proper protection, and sunglasses and a hat are also recommended. If you’re a newbie on the sea waters, then be sure you have something for seasickness just in case.

An activity that has been done for many thousands of years, by a lot of people, is going fishing in the deep sea. This is true all over the world, for any humans that lived near the sea. In Australia, for instance, they have evidence, that for more than 40,000 years the people have been fishing in the sea. Fishing has been done from ancient times in places like China, Egypt and Greece for sport as well as for food. There are a lot of sports that are played today, and the majority of them don’t go back nearly as far as fishing does as a sport. The boats and equipment used back in the olden times were much different than those used today.

Deep sea fishing can be found in many different areas of the world, and there is a particular advantages for each one. If you know something about the equipment you have to use and what you are trying to catch, this sport will be more fun for you. This time honored activity, which we just gave you some noble facts, can be used as a recreational sport or to get your family’s food.